Sunday, March 19, 2017

199 - Joke : New pair of boots

“A young man bought a new pair of boots, of which he was very proud. He decided to show them off at his favourite nightclub.

After dancing with one girl for a few minutes, he said: ‘I bet you I can guess the colour of your panties.’

‘OK,’ she said. ‘What colour do you think they are?’

‘Blue,’ he replied.

‘How did you know that?’ she asked.

‘I saw the reflection in my shiny new boots,’ he said.

‘Here,’ she said, ‘dance with my sister and tell me what colour she was on.’

After dancing a while, the young man started rubbing the toes of his boots on the legs of his jeans. Then he danced again. But a few minutes later, he asked the new girl: ‘What colour panties do you have on? I can’t seem to make them out.’

She replied: ‘I’m not wearing panties.’

‘Good,’ said the young man, breathing a huge sigh of relief. ‘For a minute I thought I had a crack in my new boots.”

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